How do I start a class?

Starting a new class is fast and easy.

Starting a new class on is fast and easy. To start a new class, navigate to and click on New class.


After clicking on New class, a modal window will pop up.

The form asks for the following details:

Your name

Your name will be displayed for the students joining your whiteboard class.

Enable waiting room lobby

Tip: Use the waiting room lobby to keep uninvited guests out, or to give yourself time to prepare your whiteboards.

If you enable the waiting room lobby, every student needs to be accepted by you before they are let into the room. After creating the room, there is also an other option for locking the room (disabling new students from joining completely).
Enable manual save mode for students

Enabling manual save mode will disable the automatic whiteboard save functionality, and instead showing a 'Save whiteboard' button. The whiteboards will not display or save without saving this button. This can be handy if you're on a limited or metered connection (as this drastically decreases bandwith usage), or if you want the students to be able to draw freely and then publish / display their works at a certain time.


Enter the details into the form, and click on Create new class. Your class is now ready!

Click on Toggle my whiteboard to toggle the visibility of your whiteboard. Show it to draw and share with your students, or hide it if you want to concentrate on your students' work.

How do students join my class?

Please see the article "How do students join my class?".