How do students join my class?

Students can join a class in a couple different ways.

After creating a class, your students can join the class either directly via the URL, or by entering the room code on the home page. To make it easier for students to find the room, Premium users can create a permanent room URL so that students always know where to join! See also How does the room code work?

You can also share the URL as a QR code, which students can scan with their mobile devices. To open the QR code, either click on the QR code icon icon next to the room code, or on the "Show QR code" button.

Note: If you've enabled the waiting room lobby, students will enter the waiting room instead of directly joining the class.

Joining a class via URL

1. Navigate to the URL provided by the teacher.

2. Enter your name, and click on Join Whiteboard class.

3. Participate!

Joining a class via room code

1. Go to

2. Click on "Join class".

3. Enter the room code and click on Join class.

4. Enter your name and click on Join Whiteboard class.

5. Participate!