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How do students join my class?

Students can join a class in a couple different ways.

After creating a session, your students can join the class either directly via the URL, or by entering the pin code on the home page.

You can also share the URL as a QR code, which students can scan with their mobile devices. To open the QR code click  on the "QR code icon Show QR code" button.

Note: If you've enabled the waiting room lobby (✴️ Lite Plan), students will enter the waiting room instead of directly joining the class.

Joining a class via URL

1. Navigate to the URL provided by the teacher.

2. Enter your name, and click on Join Whiteboard class.

3. Participate!

Joining a session via pin code

1. Go to https://whiteboard.fi

2. Click on "Join Session".

3. Enter the pin code and click on Join class.

4. Enter your name and click on Join Whiteboard class.

5. Participate!