How to manage license(s) linked to your account?

It is possible for the account to handle numerous licenses and subscriptions that can be utilized by other teachers.

The account can manage multiple licenses with different subscription

With, school administrators can conveniently manage all their licenses and subscriptions through a designated account.

How to list all licenses managed by your account?

Navigate to the License tab to see all licenses linked to your account

Picture above:

1. You have a list of all licenses managed by you

2. Here you can purchase new license or link existing license to your account

How to make changes to licenses

By clicking the edit () icon next to the license, you can make changes to it:

View license users

This opens a menu that shows all teachers linked to the license:

Here you can detach teachers if needed and free seats for others.

Manage subscription

All changes to the subscription are made here.

You can:

(1) Update the quantity
(2) Change Monthly / Yearly billing
(3) Change Plan
(4) Cancel Renewal

More detailed instructions are here.

Attach license to myself

This will attach the license to your account and reserve one seat.