How do I use the Whiteboard library?

The whiteboard library lets you prepare, save and reuse your whiteboards and easily load them later.

Library is a Premium feature. However, you don't need to have a Premium subscription to load a shared whiteboard.

The Whiteboard library lets you prepare, save and reuse your whiteboards. The saved whiteboards can be accessed from the Teacher Dashboard by clicking the Library tab. 

Here you can see a list of  all your saved whiteboards. Click a whiteboard to view or edit it. From the editing page you can press the ACTIONS button to open a drop down menu where you have the option to create a copy, share the whiteboard or delete the whiteboard. Remember to click the save button to save your changes. 

Clicking the Share whiteboard button generates a sharing code which you can share with your colleague or co-teacher.


Creating a new saved whiteboard

You can create a new saved whiteboard by clicking the ACTIONS button and choosing Create new saved whiteboard in the teacher dashboard.

You will be taken to the whiteboard editing page. Remember to Save you whiteboard when you are done editing.

You can also create a new saved whiteboard directly in a folder. Open the folder by clicking on it, from there you can press the ACTIONS button and choose Create new saved whiteboard. The new whiteboard will be located in the folder.

Creating a folder

While in the teacher dashboard, you can create a folder by clicking the Create new folder button in the ACTIONS drop down menu. Give the folder a name and click CREATE FOLDER.

Note: doesn't support subfolders.

Loading a shared whiteboard

While in the teacher dashboard, you can load a shared whiteboard by clicking the Load Shared Whiteboard button in the ACTIONS drop down menu. Enter the whiteboard sharing code you received and press LOAD SHARED WHITEBOARD to add the shared whiteboard to your library.

Note: Loading a shared whiteboard to your library creates a copy. This means that any changes made after sharing won't show up on your copy.

Moving a library item

You can move a library item by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting Move whiteboard.

Select a folder and press MOVE WHITEBOARD.

You can also move a whiteboard from within the whiteboard editor. To do this, select a folder from the drop down menu at the top and press SAVE WHITEBOARD.

How to insert a whiteboard while teaching

Press the LIBRARY button located in the toolbar and locate the whiteboard you want to insert.

You now have two options: INSERT (REPLACE) or INSERT (APPEND). If you choose REPLACE, the selected whiteboard will replace your current whiteboard. If you want to keep the pages you have already created, choose APPEND since this option will instead add the selected whiteboard as new pages to you current whiteboard.

How to delete a saved whiteboard

While in the teacher dashboard, click the drop down arrow on a whiteboard and select Delete whiteboard.

You can also delete a whiteboard from within the whiteboard editor.

How to save the current item to the library

It is possible to save the current whiteboard in the library. To do this, press the Library button in the toolbar and select Save to library. Give your whiteboard a name and press SAVE CURRENT WHITEBOARD TO LIBRARY