Which keyboard shortcuts does Whiteboard support?

Become a power user and use shortcuts to save time!

The Whiteboard editor supports many keyboard shortcuts to help you save time.

Shortcut Description
L Activate the Lines tool
Ctrl+C, ⌘+C Copy selected shapes
Ctrl+X, ⌘+X, Shift+Delete Cut selected shapes
Ctrl+V, ⌘+V, Shift+Insert Paste previously copied or cut shapes
Ctrl+D, ⌘+D Duplicate selected shapes
Ctrl+A, ⌘+A Select all shapes on the page
Esc Clear selections
Esc (When text box is being edited) Finish text entry
Ctrl+Z, ⌘+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z, ⌘+Shift+Z Redo
Delete, Backspace Delete the selected shapes
Home Bring selected shapes to Front
End Bring selected shapes to Back
Left, Right, Up, Down Move selected items
Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right, Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down Move selected items less
Left, Right, Up, Down (When zoomed in) Move the page
F4 (When zoomed) Reset zoom
Shift+PageUp Switch to the previous page
Shift+PageDown Switch to the next page