How do I use the Lines tool?

Draw straight lines, arrows, and other shapes with the Lines tool.

The Lines tool lets you draw straight lines between two points. Select the Lines tool from the toolbar, and click anywhere on the whiteboard to start a line! You can then click on another point on the whiteboard to keep drawing lines, or double-click to finish the shape.

A mouse cursor clicks on the Lines tool and draws a triangle on the whiteboard.

Moving, resizing and rotating the shape

A finished shape can be moved, resized and rotated. To transform your shape, click on it once to reveal the controls around the shape.

Editing the shape

To edit a finished shape, slowly double-click on the shape to go to edit mode. In edit mode, all of the points of the shape can be moved around.

Adding text inside your shape

You can also add a text block inside your shape which always stays in its center! To add text, quickly double-click on the shape to open the text editor. Type in your text and click outside the text box to apply the text to the shape. To edit the text, just double-click on it again!

Snapping your lines to 45° angles

The Lines tool also lets you draw perfect 45° or 90° angles! After clicking anywhere to start a line, hold the CTRL button to enable snapping.

Drawing arrows

You can also draw different kinds of arrows with the Lines tool. To draw arrows, select the tool, then click on the Options to reveal the different types of arrowheads: None, Small or Large. Arrowheads can be added to existing line shapes by first selecting the shape, then opening the Options and choosing the appropriate arrow style.

In addition to the arrow size, you can also choose whether the end of the arrow is Solid or Open. The width of the line and its opacity can also be changed from the Options.

Changing the color

To quickly change the color of the lines, select the Lines tool and click on the Color Palette icon . Start drawing, and you'll see that the new line uses the color you've chosen.


You can also quickly change the fill color of the shapes you've drawn by selecting the shape and choosing a new color from the Color Palette.

The line color and fill color of a drawn shape can also be changed from the Options.