How do I insert images?

An image is worth a thousand words! Add diagrams, drawings and photos to convey complex ideas to your students.

To add images onto your Whiteboard, click on the Insert image icon to open up a file dialog, and choose your image.

You can also drag and drop an image from your file explorer directly onto Whiteboard.

Moving, rotating and resizing images

You can move, resize and rotate your shapes with the Select tool by clicking on the shape, and using the visible controls to edit the image.

Cropping images

You can crop images by double-clicking on the image to bring up the crop controls, then dragging the controls.

If you're unable to bring up the crop controls, try removing the image and inserting it again with the Insert images button!

Changing an image's opacity

To change the opacity of an image, select it with the Select tool, then click on the Options button to expand the options palette. The options palette for images contains an opacity slider, which you can drag to control the image's opacity.

Which file formats does Whiteboard support?

Whiteboard supports all of the most popular image file formats (.png, .jpg, .gif, .svg) and many more! If you find that a specific file format that you need isn't working, please contact us.


Can I use animated GIFs?

Currently, adding an animated GIF will only show its first frame.

Are my images compressed or downscaled?

Whiteboard stores your images in their original size so that you can resize them as you wish, meaning that a very large image file may take longer for your students to download. However, when pushing a whiteboard as a background image, the image is compressed before sending.