How do I copy, cut and paste content?

Save time by making copies of your shapes, images and text.

Whiteboard supports copy, cut and paste. You can use the toolbar buttons for Copy Cut and Paste , or keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C (Copy), CTRL+X (Cut) and CTRL+V (Paste). On macOS, these shortcuts are ⌘+C (Copy), ⌘+X (Cut) and ⌘+V (Paste).

Can I copy paste content to other whiteboards?

Whiteboard supports copy pasting content across whiteboards. Just copy your content on the whiteboard, select another whiteboard, and paste!

Speed up your workflow with keyboard shortcuts

Use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C (Copy), CTRL+X (Cut) and CTRL+V (Paste) to speed up your preparation and save time for other tasks. Copy-paste also works with multiple selection items, but to really save time, use the CTRL+D (Duplicate) shortcut to instantly duplicate your selection!