What are permanent class rooms? What does Close room and Empty room do?

Use permanent class rooms to reuse your room with different student groups or even for the whole semester! Share the URL with your students, and next time they already know where to join!

Permanent rooms are a Premium feature.

In addition to temporary rooms, Premium subscription users can create permanent rooms with a URL that has been customized to their liking. Permanent rooms don't expire after 2 hours of inactivity like temporary rooms, meaning that you can reuse the same link to your class room for the whole semester!

Permanent rooms also let you empty out the class room of students between classes, and close the room to prevent anyone from joining before you're ready to start.

How long are whiteboards preserved in a permanent class room?

The teacher's whiteboards are preserved until the class room is deleted. Students' whiteboards are frozen after 120 minutes of inactivity, after which the teacher can still see them, but the students cannot edit them anymore. If the student rejoins the classroom, they will start with a new whiteboard. Students' whiteboards are deleted when the room is deleted, when the student is kicked, or when the room is emptied.

Closing and opening a permanent class room

You can close a permanent class room to remove all students from the room and prevent anyone from entering. After you've closed a room during class, you can still review your students' whiteboards and save all whiteboards or individual whiteboards as a PDF.

You can open and close a room from inside the room, or from your Teacher Dashboard.

To close or open a room while you're in the room, first click on the Options button in the top right corner to expand the options menu. Then, click on Close room or Open room.

What do students see after closing a room?

After a room has been closed, the students will be removed from the room and shown a banner stating that their teacher has closed the room, and the whiteboard session has ended.

Emptying a permanent class room

You can empty out a permanent class room to clear out all students and remove their whiteboards. Emptying is useful after you've closed the room and want to clean up the room after you're done reviewing or saving your students' whiteboards. You can also empty out a room before closing it or before students have left, but notice that doing so will also remove their whiteboards.

To empty a permanent class room, click on on the Options button in the top right corner to expand the options menu, then click on Empty room.

Creating a permanent class room

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Changing a permanent class room's URL

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