How do I share a copy of my library whiteboards with others?

You can easily share a copy of your library boards with other teachers.

Library is a Premium feature. However, loading a shared whiteboard to a room's whiteboard does not require a Premium license.

Whiteboards saved in the library can be shared with other teachers. When sharing with other teachers, they will receive their own copy of the whiteboard. Shared whiteboards can be loaded directly onto any class room's whiteboard, or copied to the library.

Note: When loading a shared whiteboard onto a whiteboard or into your library, you create a copy of the whiteboard at the time of the loading. Future changes on the whiteboards are not shared with each other.

To share a whiteboard, navigate to your Teacher Dashboard and click on Library to show your whiteboard library.

Then, click the whiteboard you wish to share to expand it, and click on Share whiteboard at the bottom of the page. This brings up the sharing popup. Click on Generate sharing code to generate the sharing code which allows others to load a copy of this board.

Note: Sharing a whiteboard shares all of the whiteboard pages.

This code can then be used to load a copy of the board onto a class room's board, or by other Premium users to load a copy into their own library. After sharing the code, you can still make changes to the library board, since the latest board version is copied at the time of loading.

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