How do I load a shared whiteboard into my library?

The whiteboard library is a Premium feature.

You can load a copy of shared whiteboards directly to your library.

To share a whiteboard, navigate to your Teacher Dashboard and click on Library to show your whiteboard library. Then, scroll down and click on image-png-Jan-08-2021-12-31-24-08-PM Load shared library. This brings up a popup. Enter the shared whiteboard code given to you, and click on image-png-Jan-08-2021-12-31-24-08-PM Load shared library.

Animated GIF. User starts from the Library page, and scrolls down to reveal the Load shared library button. User clicks on the button to bring up a popup with a text entry field and a button. User enters the shared code into the field, and clicks on the button. Popup disappears and the loaded whiteboard is shown.

When loading a shared whiteboard, you load a copy which is made at the time of loading. This means that changes you make to the whiteboard are not shared to the original whiteboard, or vice versa.

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